Our Facility

Indoor Activities

Pinks and Blues Preschool is providing indoor activities like gross and fine motor activities which really helps kids for learning in a different way. Gross motor activities include crawling, walking, running, playing, skipping, dancing, etc. This activity helps kids for the movement of limbs, arms, legs and other parts of the body. Fine motor activities include lifting things like pebbles and books, sorting pebbles, tearing and sticking things, playing with play dough, threading beads, drawing and painting, etc. This activity is helpful for some movements like joints, toes and fingers.

Outdoor Activities

Physical activity is very essential for over all development of a child with this in mind we have wide range of outdoor activities.

Safe & Secure Campus

Our campus is equipped with CCTV cameras at strategic locations, which are frequently monitored to anticipate and prevent any mishap. We have a child-safe and friendly environment. All toys at Pinks & Blues are non-toxic and safe.

Transport Facility

Our trained drivers take utmost care while transporting the children. They are specifically instructed to resume driving only after the child is seated or has safely embarked from the bus. We also conduct periodic sensitization sessions for the drivers and Lady Assistant.